Enabling the Quantum Internet
We build hardware to transform telecommunications infrastructure into scalable quantum networks.
Quantum Technologies leverage quantum mechanics’ unique properties to provide remarkable advances for ultra-secure communication, novel sensing, and unparalleled computational power. It’s the next frontier for information technologies where information will be teleported, enabling unprecedented communication paradigms.
Our Solution
Critical barriers that hinder the widespread deployment of quantum networking technologies are the reliance on cryogenics/vacuum equipment and the lack of quantum repeaters. We are developing a quantum product suite that addresses these issues, enabling next-generation quantum networking technologies.


Our commercial toolbox of quantum devices is specifically designed and optimized to upgrade classical fiber-based communication technologies into secure entanglement-based quantum communication networks, serving as the Quantum Internet foundation.
Field Deployable
All of our hardware is built to operate at room temperature without sacrificing the quantum performance. These devices are the key to robust and scalable quantum networks.
Multi-device Compatibility
By utilizing the same atomic foundation, we assure high compatibility between devices while maintaining optimal fiber transmission.
The current telecommunication infrastructure is not designed to preserve the quantum information. Our auxiliary devices monitor and compensate for the negative effects of the fiber network.
Dynamic Network Control
Our AI-enabled software suite monitors each and every component of the multi-modular network in real time, ensuring continuous optimal network performance.